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  • What is the weather like at Mono in April?- It is gorgeous during the days, sunny and average highs of 67, with cooler nights around 35-45 degrees. Makes the stars pop! We are located off Cottonwood Canyon Rd. where the snow hardly touches down and the sun shines. Perfect for being outside.

  • What is it like being up at 6,500 ft.? Well, for starters, it is clear and refreshing! The sun is more powerful up here so we recommend sunscreen. Your body is also in need of more oxygen at this level and so drinking more water than usual is the best strategy. Also, honor your body if you feel slightly fatigued. Modify your movements, discovering yourself in each moment.

  • What amenities come on the land?  We have plenty of shady flat dispersed car camping and walk in style campsites. There is onsite water from our well. There are also several composting toilets located around the property.  We also have several fire pits that you are welcome to utilize.  We ask that you please use the Leave No Trace ethic camping here.

  • Are there other accommodations besides camping? SYC promotes living in equality & union with the land and each other so all yogis please commune with Earth via your own tent, car or camper.  

  •  You're off grid. Is there drinking water and power on site? Yes! We are fully solar, with the water pump having it's own dedicated panels to operate the pump. Onsite showers are solar and gravity fed. Charging stations are also available, but this retreat is an opportunity to unplug and retune. There's no wifi here, talk to each other!

  • Where is the nearest airport? Mammoth Airport is about 45 minutes from the property. Score, right?

  • Can I bring my own Ganja? Yes, as long as you are following all state and federal laws of carry. It is sweet to share with our friends right? And even sweeter stay safe by following the law. Here's a link to explain how to safely carry

  • What age is approved for entry?21 and over only please. ID is required. 

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