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Top 6 Spots 30 Minutes from The Healing Vortex 

  • Travertine Hot springs is so close you can feel the steam. Enjoy breathtaking views from all the pools as your body melts into earth's healing pools. . 

  • Lundy Canyon, a mere 15 minutes away, offers up a Autumn hike in the enchanting Aspens.

  • The Ghost town of Bodie is only 15 minutes away on the old stagecoach route. Definitely worth the trip back in time. 

  • Parker Lake Trailhead with short hike to Parker Lake. Has been described as breathtaking by most who venture here. 

  • Tioga Pass, where you can drive up to 9’000 ft. and be greeted by a multitude of alpine lakes. There be some big mountains up here!

  • South Lake Tufa Reserve, the crackly calcium deposits discovered as the lake levels dropped. Amazing formations and a marvel of nature!                       % of ticket sales go towards protecting these and the lake's bird habitatation. 

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