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Toke and Flow

With a Ganja Yoga Retreat at Mono Lake
Upcoming Events
Stoney Yogi Campout: Going Green Yoga Retreat
Stoney Yogi Campout: Going Green Yoga Retreat
Apr 19, 2019, 3:00 PM – Apr 20, 2019, 10:00 PM
Mono Lake Healing Vortex,
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, U.S. 395, Lee Vining, CA, USA

 Adventure Awaits

A seriously playful human, Morgan brings lightness to the practice, often incorporating dance movement and music into her practice.

  Fusing yogic tradition, body wisdom, breath work, and plant medicine, she has discovered layers of expression hidden beneath the noise of the mind.

Finding strength in the stillness, Morgan's classes encourage each of us to find this balance.

A lover of people and a believer in magic, she has created this soulful playground to explore the depths of self, while laughing through the journey.

George Swiggum

Host & DJ 9 LIVES 

DJ 9 LIVES Swiggum shall be your land host and musical genius throughout your stay. A downtempo master, jungle bass connoisseur, & breakbeat buster, his sets will deepen your experience, shake your booty, and uplift your spirit.

His off grid property is beyond beautiful

and boasts legendary sunsets,

as well as full power and water. 

Oh and don't forget the full mountain cradled lake views.

Laya Songbird



Gong Gypsy

A yogi, sound healer and lover and life. Leah is offering her heart up to be expressed through the healing practice of gong baths. She loves to sing as well, and believes sound can free us from bound energies and transform our lives.


Private sessions are available to book before the event and during.

There are scheduled group sound immersions as well. 

Melissa Redwood Sprout


 Tea Elf

This beautiful creature spreads light and joy through her sharing her deep knowledge of ancient chinese teas and sweet smiles!


Traveling and serving tea at Lucidity Festival, among many others events, we are blessed to have her warm our hands, bellies, and hearts. 

Private sessions are available to book before the event and during.

There are scheduled group sound immersions as well. 

Izzy Patterson


Nutrition Wizard

Izzy Patterson is a chef from Northern California, raised by two chef parents in redwood country, always looking to nature for culinary inspiration. Shown how to translate heart and soul into beautiful meals for friends and family, she took these ideas to culinary school.
In 2012 in San Francisco,  she trained with Michelin star chefs, learning the ins and outs of kitchen work. Typically working as a pastry chef, she's still tickled to be on the savory side of things. Currently working as a Sous Chef at seasonal restaurant, Epic Cafe in beautiful Lee Vining, CA, Izzy is looking forward to spreading the food love with all you yogis!


Morgan Willow


Host & Yogini

Meet the team!




420 Happy Hours

Come toke and joke together with an array of 

organic flowers, doobies, bowls, snaps, nibbles & edibles 

 w/waxes served by 

Dab Maestro




Please feel free to contact me by email to ask any questions, or to request a phone conversation.


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